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Why Choose Beaver Brook Nursery?


Beaver Brook Liner Advantages

Beaver Brook Nursery Liners are grown exclusively in Rootmaker® containers and are matured for 2 and/or 3 years. Rootmaker® containers assure greater profits with less labor resulting in these advantages:

  • More fibrous and developed roots
  • Increased growth rate
  • Greater survivability
  • Shorter production time
  • No shade-house needed
  • Ready for field planting or up-potting
  • Lower mortality rate
  • Larger, more substantial and well branched plants
  • Climate conditioned (zone 6)

Our Products are In Demand

Due to the huge demand for our products, we are in the process of expanding our field and container production by 50 acres over the next few years. In order to survive and thrive in our constantly changing industry, we will continue to adapt and expand in order to help our customers to attain greater profits.
Our Northwestern New Jersey (zone 6) climate produces plants hardy for this Mid-Atlantic and New England region, with less stress from long distance shipping. Although our climate causes trees to grow slower here, requiring a little more time, this results in heavier, fuller plants which will have a greater value.
As fuel and freight costs have sky rocketed in recent years, this local advantage has been magnified. Currently we are supplying finished material to the Mid-Atlantic States and New England, and grafted liners to many eastern growers who have realized the increased profit potential of growing ornamental specimen plants on the east coast. Also this location allows us to process and deliver plant material to our customers with a very short turnaround time.

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